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Patient Participation Group

Our local patient group for the centre is used as a forum to review and improve our services.

What is a Patient Participation Group?

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group which links GPs and their patients; a forum which facilitates open discussion and constructive analysis of service provision; a means of involving patients in the running of the Practice.

Benefits to Patients

PPGs allow interested patients to be actively involved in the running of their Practice. The forum helps them better understand the Health Service (and its systems) and gives them the opportunity to voice their opinions. Ultimately this could mean the introduction of new services and improvements to the Practice.

Benefits to the GP Practice

A GP Practice can gain a great deal from having a PPG. A well-run group will allow GPs direct access to the expressed needs and perspectives of their patients. Practice populations can include patients with a wide range of skills and experiences, and this can be harnessed to great benefit. PPGs are also effective sounding boards for ideas that the Practice is considering implementing.

The Randolph Surgery PPG

The Randolph Surgery Patient Participation Group provides a link between the Randolph Surgery and our patients. The Surgery is committed to better understanding your needs and the Randolph Surgery PPG provides you with a forum in which to communicate with us. The PPG will have input into how the Surgery is run, and specifically into its facilities and services. We are keen that PPG membership includes a good cross-representation of our patients. We believe that a more diverse group will be more likely to represent the needs of a larger percentage of our patients and this is important to us.

The group meets at the Surgery for an hour bi-monthly on a Monday evening. If you are interested in coming along, or would like to make contact with the PPG Chair, Ms Ruth Rosenthal, then please speak with Reception.

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