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Results are processed on a daily basis by the GPs. Where a result is abnormal and requires urgent attention the GP will contact you directly or ask the reception team to contact you.

For routine results, a results line service is available on the phone Monday-Friday between the hours of 11.00am and 1.00pm. Please do not call outside of these hours for results – the phone lines are extremely busy due to the triage service and you will be asked to return the call at the next available results line slot, this may be the following day.

Results are also available to be viewed through online access.

Routine blood test results are often back within 48 hours but in some cases may take longer. X-rays and scans require a minimum of seven working days.

In order to maintain confidentiality, results will be given directly to patients (or parents of minors) only. Where a patient wishes information, including test results, to be shared with a third party this must be confirmed in writing and saved in the clinical record (known as consent) – please discuss this with a GP through a routine pre-bookable face-to-face appointment.

The reception team are not medically trained and can only pass on information as documented by the clinical team in the clinical record. Reception cannot interpret results for you and will not be able to expand upon basic information supplied. If you require further information and a follow up appointment has not already been agreed with the requesting doctor a routine pre-bookable appointment will be required.